Given that you have made up your mind about proposing to your girlfriend, you are now faced with one daunting task. Finding a one-of-a-kind engagement ring that will leave her gushing with happiness can be quite hard.

It is at this point that you should consider letting Brilliant Earth guide you through finding that special engagement ring that will match your special someone. We can take you through some of the best engagement rings online thus making it easier for you to make a decision on which one to buy.

Some of the essential tips to consider as you look for the best engagement rings online include; 

Consider having a budget

Beyond the emotional significance of an engagement ring, the money that goes into buying one is also a great determinant as to how much the ring will mean to someone. Also, when you decide on what amount of money you are willing to spend, your search for the best engagement rings online will become a whole lot easier. This is because the budget will influence your choice as to the characteristics and design of the engagement ring.

Despite the weight that is attached to how much an engagement ring costs, it is advisable that you should choose a budget which will not stretch your finances. The amazing news is that Brilliant Earth can guide you through the several modes of payment which are at your disposal such as financing or bank wire. More importantly, with your budget in mind, the team can also take you through the quality of diamonds or gemstones that will equal the amount of money that you are willing to spend. If you are on a tight budget, it would be great to consider lab-created diamonds which are deemed to be more cost-effective.

Decide on the preferred Ring Style

There are very many ring styles among the available best engagement rings online. Choosing one style among the many may not be an easy task. However, an important consideration to make at this point would be to choose a ring style that matches your girlfriend’s clothing, personality and other jewelry. In addition, this is the time that you need to remember any suggestions she might have previously made regarding the style of an engagement ring that she desires.

Some of the styles among the best engagement rings online include; modern, classic, and glamorous or a blend of each one of these styles. A significant advantage with Brilliant Earth is that we allow for a free 30-day return.

Some of the top Engagement Ring Settings

There are various ring settings that have increasingly gained popularity. They include the petite twisted vine diamond ring, the ballad among others.

Waverly Diamond Ring

For this setting, there are pave diamonds which go round the center gem thus making it one of the best engagement rings online.

Petite Twisted Vine Diamond Ring

The inspiration behind this ring setting comes from nature. It features a magnificent strand of pave diamonds which have been beautifully tangled with an eye-catching ribbon that consist of precious metals giving the ring an eccentric beauty.

Ballad Diamond Ring

This is an exemplary ring setting that depicts a classic engagement ring style. It features pave diamonds which are scalloped and go halfway through the ring’s band.

Consider the gemstone you would like to choose

It is true that most of the best engagement rings online are those that have a diamond as a center. In fact, about 90% of them feature a diamond while sapphires come in second in popularity. However, consider what your significant other would prefer. Is she among those who would go with a diamond or would she rather an engagement ring which has a ‘unique’ gemstone?

However, one of the reasons why diamonds and sapphires have remained common is that they are very durable. This is because they are the hardest gemstones and can thus hold up to its value. Sapphires are a better choice for those on a budget as they are cheaper than diamonds. Also, they come in various colors thus making it a good choice.

The essential 4 Cs

Engagement rings may be classified into carats, clarity, color, and cut. By knowing the characteristic according to the four Cs, you will be able to identify the best engagement rings online.


How a diamond is cut greatly contributes to how attractive its ring is going to be. When it is cut in the right way, its reflective and refractive properties are greater than when it is not cut correctly. As of now, people have established
how to cut the diamonds in different angles and proportions thereof. A look at how diamonds are cut can help to inform your decision.


The nitrogen traces in the diamond influences the color that it will have. The diamonds whose color is less dominant is considered to be of high value as they are rare.


When looking at clarity, they look at the presence or absence of blemishes and inclusions on the diamond. This is essential as the clarity of the diamond affects not only its quality but also its price. Therefore, diamonds that have no visible blemishes cost more.


This refers to the weight of the gemstone. The carats that you want can guide you in choosing the best engagement rings online.

What gemstone shape would you like?

There are various ways that diamonds can be cut. The round shape has by far been the most popular shape. However, the round shape costs more than the other types. Consequently, if you are on a budget choosing a non-round shape is better.

Deciding on a precious metal

With existing metals such as yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or even the platinum, it can be hard to determine which one you should choose. However, by looking at the current jewelry that your girlfriend uses, it can give you a hint at the metal that you should choose.

Does she like Vintage?

If the answer is in the affirmative, you should definitely consider buying her an antique ring from the best engagement rings online. Even better than being rich in history, these rings are comparatively cheaper than new rings of the same quality.

Going for custom made rings

If you would like to go out of your way and really make a lasting impression, you can come up with a custom-made engagement ring through collaborating with a jeweler.

Determine her ring size

It is vital that the ring gets to fit your girlfriend. Whereas most women have a ring size of 6-6.5, you can use one of her current rings to get the right size for her finger. However, do not worry about it too much as most rings can be resized.

Choose a temporary ring

If you are finding extreme difficulty in making up your mind, you should choose a ring setting which can be re-set later as per the preference of your fiancé.

Consider insuring the ring

Most of the best engagement rings online are deemed to be an investment. As such, you should take out a jewelry insurance which will protect the ring from risks which are neither covered by most renter’s insurance nor homeowner’s insurance.

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