When it comes to choosing the best diamonds online, a lot of people are clueless. They do not know the things to consider or how they can avoid making bad decisions. Since diamond buying is regular shopping, there are many you need to consider. Chances are when looking for the best diamonds online, you might not know where to start.

Below is a guide to help you purchase the best diamonds online. You will also be able to understand more about the choices available and how to determine the valuable gemstone. This guide will help you learn about diamond cutting & polishing, the main characteristics of a diamond, and the styles that are available.

What is a diamond?

A diamond is not artificial stone. Only nature can produce such a unique and special stone. A diamond is formed from intense pressure and heat under the earth. It is a rare stone, and one of the hardest substance in the world. Usually, a diamond is a symbol of love. It is used in wedding rings and engagement to show love and strength.

Diamond cutting

When you go shopping for the best diamonds online, you will find a precious stone in the stores. But before a diamond turns into a beautiful stone, there are many stages it has to pass through. One of the main processes is diamond cutting.

The process of diamond cutting is about transforming a diamond from a hard-rough stone into a beautiful one. It is a complex process that needs skills, experience, knowledge, techniques and special equipment. Once a diamond is cut into a nice shape, it moves to the next stage for polishing. Here, facets are cut into a fabulous diamond that is later polished.

The Main Four C’s

1. Cut – one essential characteristic to check when choosing the best diamonds online is the Cut. The cut will determine how a diamond reflects and absorbs light. Diamond cut defines the proportions and angles considered when changing a rough-diamond into a fine-polished-diamond. The cutting is the physical shape of a diamond. The better the diamond cut the more sparkle your diamond will have.

The other main aspect is the quality of the cut. This tells more about the quality, proportion and the angles of the surfaces. The price and the quality differ based on the quality of the cut.

2. Color – the color of all diamonds is ranked on a scale of D to Z. The scale D means totally colorless and Z is light-yellow. To choose the best diamonds online, you should pick from the range of D to F. However, you can get diamond in almost every color. There are brown, yellow, blue, grey, white, green and pink diamonds. But they are very rare and valuable. So, it is important to understand the color of a diamond before making a purchase. The common problem that most beginners make when choosing a diamond is assuming the higher color makes the diamond more beautiful. A cut breaksor makes a diamond appearance.

3. Clarity – clarity is also referred as Nature’s fingerprint. In some cases, it is referred as the birthmark of a diamond. It is the number of inclusions present in a diamond. When you find a diamond with lesser faults, it is the higher grade. A flawless diamond does not have inclusions or external blemishes. Most of these inclusions are visible to everyone. However, clarity is one aspect misunderstood when buying a diamond. It is therefore wise to understand different types of inclusions that are found in diamonds.

4. Carat – this is the weight of a diamond. It is a particular measurement of how heavy the diamond is. It is one of the most important factors you must consider when choosing the best diamonds online. The key reason why carat is essential is that the size of a diamond resembles its value or worth. Actually, in many places, it shows an individual’s wealth or status.


Buying a diamond ring might be a time-consuming process that needs research and some knowledge. But once you understand what you need to consider, you will enjoy yourself when choosing the best diamonds online. However, keep in mind that a high-quality diamond cannot be sold below its value. Also, it might take you sometime before you get the right gemstone. 

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