Having the basic information when one plans to visit a jewel store to buy one is one of the matter that people have not been thinking of. As a result, people end up visiting the stores while fully not aware of specific kind of jewel they are going to buy and what to consider in buying them hence leave all the work to the seller. Having found that it is very important to have the essential information about the jewel you are going to buy; the following are some of the best guide that will help you in buying jewelry whether from some of the best jewelry online selling site or by personally visiting the store.

Having the knowledge of what you want first

This is the first thing that a buyer must have at the back of his/her mind before going to purchase the jewel. The characteristic of what one want must be the basic information to have so that he/she will finally get the jewel of the choice he preferred. Going to the store and telling the salesperson to get a nice jewel is is one of the practice that must be avoided. This is because that kind of request gives the salesperson freedom of selling the jewelry of somebody’s preference but not of the customer’s or end up selling the items which are expensive. Therefore, when planning to purchase, one should give the following descriptions the first priority of the jewelry he/she is going to buy.

  • The Color of the Jewel-one must have made a decision of the color of the jewelry that he/she want to purchase so that to avoid the problem of being given wrong options of the jewelry color. Whether he/she prefer the silver or just the plain gold color of the jewel, one must have decided that earlier.
  • The proportions of the jewelry-When visiting a jewelry store or some of the best jewelry online selling sites, the customer must ensure that he/she will leave the place with a full satisfaction of the jewelry he/she buys. Therefore, one must be aware of the technical terms used here so that he/she gives the best description of what he/she want. One could like the bulky chain or just the thin one and that is what he/she should tell the salesperson.
  • The metal of the jewelry-One must have decided on the kind of the metal of the jewelry he/she specifically want. This is because not all gold looking jewelries are made of gold nor the silvery jewelry are also all made of silver.
  • The jewelry price-Since jewelries do cost differently, one must have a limit price within which he/she will buy the jewelry. If a buyer has not set the specific limit of the cost of jewelry, he/she might end up buying a jewelry of a lesser price or the one of more cost according to the salesperson’s options.


Taking to a Trustful Jeweler

This is also another matter that if a person is planning to buy a jewelry should do. It is then advisable that one should talk about a specific type of jewelry he/she want to buy with a friend or a family member or even a relative who could have a more knowledge concerning the kind of the jewelry or could connect him/her to someone they know that is experienced in the jewelry industry. If one has managed to find a such experienced people who is trustworthy then he/she can go ahead to ask some professional opinions in accordance to the specific areas that the person is expert in.

One should ask some questions, about the weight, the details of the quality, where the stones used originate from and among other technical questions. It could not be bad for one to buy from a jeweler they know or is known by their family members or the relative but one should ensure that the person from whom they are getting the second opinions from is not only driven by the sale but by giving them the best information according to their questions.

Have Enough Knowledge of the Right Questions to Ask

One is also supposed to know the kind of question he/she is going to pose to the third-party person he/she is dealing with however much they could be friendly. One must be smart enough to ensure that he/she do not seem to know so much than the jeweler he or she is dealing with because he/she could not.

One should then be aware of some of the basic qualities of the known valuable gems and the valuable metals like the following ones.

Gold and precious metals

The Hallmark-It is the mark used on the valuable metals like gold by the manufacturers as their stamp. It mostly shows the Karat Weight of the metal or its purity in a percentage forms. The percentage are always in three-digit decimal like “.750” is a stamp indicating that the gold is 75% pure. The Karat Weight-It’s a traditional gold’s purity measurement. It is in a 1-24 scale where 24 means a pure gold. Any precious metal of more than .999 is represented as 24K.

Diamond and the valuable Gems

If one is planning to particularly purchase diamond, then he/she is advised to consider the cut, clarity, carat and the color of that jewelry.

These are the basic and best jewelry online tips that anyone who is planning to purchase a jewelry should have in his/her mind.

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