In the name of modernity and style, we lost the elegant touch of vintage jewelry items. Though everybody doesn’t like vintage items, those who like them are finding it difficult to find genuine vintage jewelry items. Markets are flooded with fake vintage items and an expertise advice is must while buying these expensive items.

Here are some tips to help you in buying the best vintage jewelry, especially when looking for the best diamonds online.

1. Branded products: Vintage items will have some value but the value increases manifold if it is a branded product. Vintage products of luxurious brands are hard to find but they are 100% worth. When compared to vintage items, branded jewelry items are a bit expensive but you can be sure that they are really vintage items. Do remember to do enough research before buying vintage products; be it buying diamonds online or buying a watch from a local consignment store which exclusively sells vintage items.

2. Condition: Most of the buyers won’t give much importance to condition of the jewelry or luxurious items while buying vintage items. It is hard to repair vintage items and the reasons may vary from outdated design, lack of expertise, unavailability of spare parts etc. It is better to avoid items that are not working as repair or modifying costs will be more than what you think.

3. Quality: Obviously, it is better not to expect top notch quality while buying vintage items. Close inspection is necessary and if you are thinking of valuable items like buying diamonds online, ask the seller to send clear photos from different angles and in different lighting conditions. Obviously, you can buy at cheap rates if the quality is low.

4. Investigate: Trouble the seller with different questions and if the product is genuine, seller won’t hesitate to answer your questions. Use commonsense to judge the answers and you can come to conclusion whether the deal is worth or not. Enquire how seller got that piece and an honest seller will answer all your questions.

5. Don’t Miss Estate Sales: Estate sales are the best if you want to buy vintage items. You can find much better deals than buying diamonds, jewelry and vintage items online. In such sales, you are the judge and look for real antique pieces. It is better to take some valuable advice from appraiser before actually buying that item. Never miss an estate sale if you are keen on collecting vintage items.

6. Personality Matters: No matter how much are spending, ultimately the items should be very useful to you. Size, color, styling etc. should de taken into consideration and check whether the jewelry items look good on you or not. If you are buying to gift them to special ones, try to know whether they really like used pieces with worn and torn signs or not.

7. Markings: Usually, designer jewelry items will come in with signature markings. Note that all the marked jewelry items are not old and some sellers are marking jewelry items with these vintage markings to exploit buyers. Items with markings are more valuable and they are easy to recognize. Sometimes, you need the help of a magnifying glass to see these unique markings.

8. Wear and Tear: Vintage items won’t look like brand new ones and obviously there will be some signs of wear and tear. Wear and tear markings should not only be the criteria to recognize vintage jewelry items. For example, if you are buying diamonds online, even the vintage ones glitter like the new ones. Dents, lack of shine, missing stones etc. are quite common in case of vintage jewelry and remember to take good care of these items after buying.

9. Price: Vintage items can be cheap or expensive based on the availability, competition, age, condition etc. Note that all the expensive price tag items are not valuable and remember to bargain if you decided to buy an expensive jewelry item. Look for signs of wear and tear, find scratches and use them to get a better deal. Stick to your budget and never spend more even if you like a particular item very much. Compare prices after getting information from different stores and online ads are also good sources to check prices.

10. History: Vintage items will increase their value with time but it is better not to buy vintage jewelry as an investment. Know the styles and designs of different times so that it becomes easy to spot fake ones. Misspelled names, manufactured location etc. are some of the details which will surely help in spotting fake ones.

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