A tennis bracelet is a jewelry piece that is made by joining multiple small diamonds together and mounting them on a tiny metal setting. When buying such a valuable piece of jewelry on the internet, you need to be careful not be swindled by online fraudsters. The following tips will help you know how to examine the crucial properties of a genuine tennis bracelet when shopping for the best jewelry online.

The Color of Diamond

Normally, a whiter color of the diamonds on your tennis bracelet will point to a higher quality of the color. This implies that buying such level of quality for a tennis bracelet may cost you an arm and a leg. The quality is however reversed when the diamonds have visible tints of yellow.

About the Metal

You don’t always have to get the highest quality color diamonds for your bracelet when shopping for the best jewelry online; for instance, there is no harm in having stones that have a partial yellow tint if you are buying a bracelet made using yellow gold. This is because the stones will blend in with the yellow on the bracelet and make them less conspicuous as the white in the diamonds stand out.

Clarity of the Diamonds

The clarity of the diamonds is not given much importance in tennis bracelets because of one simple reason. The diamonds in question are usually too tiny to pick out the flaws using the naked eye. You can only achieve this by examining them from a very close range.

Size vs. Clarity: Always remember, however, that clarity becomes an essential consideration as the diamonds keep on getting bigger. The yellow tints become more conspicuous in larger diamonds, so it is crucial that you ensure there are no flaws on the bracelet if you are looking to buy larger best jewelry online.

Check for Damage: If possible, use a jeweler’s loupe to inspect the diamonds for any chips or cracks. The danger in buying a diamond with a compromised quality is that they tend to break further with time.

Structure of the Bracelet

A typical structure for the tennis bracelet needs to be strong enough to safeguard it from wear and enable it to withstand blows, hits, bumps, and falls.

Diamond Settings: Look at how the individual diamonds have been mounted on the tennis bracelet. They should have a setting that prevents the stones from falling off easily and safeguards it from hits. Bezel settings are among the safest; the diamonds in this type of setting are secured in place by a metal band encircling them either fully or partially. Another setting which is safe involves each stone being held in place by four pongs.

Links: Ensure that the links of the tennis bracelet are sturdy in a way that they cannot easily be broken in the event the jewelry is pulled hard.

Clasp: Test to see that the clasp closes safely and ensure that it does not open easily. It needs to be solid enough to keep it from bending and breaking.

Flexibility: A good tennis bracelet should be flexible so that it does not break when you are wearing. This is because wearing involves twisting when trying to get your hand through; which may cause it to break if the piece is too rigid. If you want to gauge the flexibility of the bracelet, dangle it in the air to check if it hangs straight without kinking.

Selecting the Bracelet Metal

When trying to decide which type of metal to choose for your best jewelry online, remember to consider the tradeoff between price and durability. The higher the price, the more durable the metal is likely to be. For instance, silver and yellow gold are cheaper, making them a good choice if you don’t plan to wear the bracelet frequently. However, they are softer and tend to wear down faster.

On the other, more long-lasting alternatives such as platinum will require you to break the bank but will guarantee that the bracelet won’t easily wear or tear irrespective of how frequent you don it.

If you want to get a metal that will make the ideal middle-ground choice, go for white gold. It will last longer than yellow gold yet cost you less compared to platinum. Looking for the greatest selection of high-quality jewelry? Check out Blue Nile or James Allen for the best jewelry online.

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